27 July 2013 Comments Off

I Don’t Remember Anything Guys, Remember?

I was reluctant at first to admit that I am the worlds most forgetful person.  Like anyone who has an addiction I didn’t think I had a problem, that was until my irresponsible neglect for my personal electronics and belongings bit me in the ass once again.  I forgot my wallet and cell phone (an [...]

19 June 2013 Comments Off

The Surprise is Ruined

I love surprises, the good ones, like surfing through channels and finding a Saved by the Bell marathon on tv.  The only thing I like better than being on the receiving end of a surprise is dishing one out myself.   I briefly had this luxury and had intended to use it on Brent at [...]

17 April 2013 Comments Off

Harry Potter Hoops

At some point during everyone’s childhood they probably dreamed of being a star athlete or getting a chance to hang out with Bugs Bunny.  Michael Jordan got to do both.  I had aspirations of being just about being about every pro athlete under the sun, but something was magic about the moment I put on [...]

6 March 2013 Comments Off

Brent Robs Himself!

It pains me to say this, but I will not be home when Brent returns to the States.  It’s just my luck that as soon as he gets to come back home I have to leave, but we all know that time apart makes the heart grow fonder.  I know he’ll be delighted to get [...]

9 February 2013 Comments Off

Bro Trip: Breckenridge Edition

You ever text someone a question or a informative statement expecting an answer or a certain response, but four hours later when they text back they say something totally unrelated to what  you originally said?  Sure  you have, I’ll give you and example, you say: Hey friend, did I leave my iPhone charger at your [...]

4 February 2013 Comments Off

No More Mondae

Think of the douchiest guy you know (ladies I’m sure there are a lot of guys going through your heads).  I have a guy in my head (surprisingly not Ryan Seacrest) who ruins my weekend pretty much all the time, except for Holiday weekends.  This asshole gets sick pleasure out of seeing your precious time off [...]

9 January 2013 Comments Off

Bowling is Rough and Brent’s Gym Adventure

Not going to lie I was getting a little nervous about not hearing from Brent.  I felt like an over protective mother who just sent her first child to college and hadn’t heard from them in a few hours so naturally I assumed he was doing illicit drugs, consuming mass amounts of alcohol, and having [...]

10 December 2012 Comments Off

The Game, The Bars, and The Punch That Never Was

Everyone has had a shitty job, unless your dad is Donald Trump.  Brent sent me a real bummer email about hating his job.  I’ve been there I’ve hated a few jobs in which I subsequently quit within a few days.  I worked at UPS for like 5 days and I got bitched out for not sorting [...]

6 December 2012 Comments Off

Being Thankful for Alcohol, Strippers, and Wiener Dogs

Thanksgiving is a holiday that people often lose sight of not only the actual day, but what it really means.  There are a lot of greedy assholes in America.  As soon as Halloween is over they jump right over Turkey Day and move on to busting out their Christmas sweaters and eggnog.  Not me.  I [...]

13 November 2012 Comments Off

Ain’t No Party Like a Bdubs Party

It’s a known fact that only .5 out of 100 Americans consider themselves a “morning” person.  My job unfortunately requires me to get up rather early and I of course fall in with that 99.5% of the American population who hate getting up early.  There is one thing that helps me get out of bed [...]